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From the Writer's Well Proprietor

I am delighted to say that The Writer’s Well, an international literary retreat for women that I founded in 2007 in Sharpsburg, Georgia is still alive and thriving!

What began as a vision to support women writers has grown over the years. We have writers who continue to join us for a literary experience from as far away as Ghana and Puerto Rico. Those from around the US have come from such states as New York, California, Georgia, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa and Washington, DC.

Writers have come to explore literary, performance, and filmmaking genres that include novels, memoirs, autobiographies, screenwriting, one-person plays, poetry, children’s pictorial books, academic writings, and more!

We invite all who are interested in a literary retreat where you can unlock your creative energies, listen to your inner voices and push your literary limits to come and join us.

Please see some of the testimonials of those who have stayed at The Writer’s Well to hear firsthand accounts of their satisfying experiences.

On another note, every December we hold our Annual Mosea Lee Barnes Writing Competition. To learn more about this wonderful opportunity to support your literary endeavors, please contact The Writer’s Well at (770)254-9888 or e-mail us at or

We look forward to hearing back from you. We would love to have you at our peaceful, scenic and safe haven for women writers.

To The Pen!

Adilah Barnes

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