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I enjoyed The Writer's Well so much. I'm having a hard time describing how much I loved being there and being able to focus on my book.  I enjoyed the exercises and was laughing out loud as I was typing. Some things were funny to me and I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my memories. It was very  productive, and your advice was so valuable. Your positive comments make me feel like a "real" writer. Will call you this evening. 


Thank you, Adilah and Sergia. I had a wonderful and productive stay at the Writer's Well. One of the best birthday and professional gifts I could have given myself!

Ife Okwumabua

Atlanta, GA


Adilah, What a beautiful, peaceful stay.

Your grace and beauty are beyond words.

I am so grateful that we have met and our souls have connected.

I am looking forward to 2022 to experience this creative haven once more.


I had an amazing, creative, stay here at the writers well. I made choices about my screenplay, HARLEM GIRLS (working title) and got clear about where the girls are going in the story.

Recorded some YouTube videos in Adilah’s kitchen and interviewed Adilah for my YouTube channel - Sergia star’s “ Love, Awaken and Prosper”.

Plus recorded Adilah walking around this beautiful establishment so that other writers see and feel this face.

Tomorrow I go home. I’m not sleepy as I am writing this, or maybe tipsy from the red wine I bought at Kroger’s down the road. Anyway, please forgive any misspelled words ( there is no autocorrection on this page).

And relaxed, unwind, eat healthy, and if you must, do yoga, drink wine, pray, turn off that Netflix, and Write!

Write your hearts out and leave the page bleeding with love.

Tell your story.

Sell Millions of copies.

Be Happy.

Give Back.

Forgive everyone.


Thank you, Adilah. God bless in this blessed space.



I am: waking early in the morning
Rising late
Taking morning showers
Not showering at all
Eating leftover for too many days
Spending too much on mediocre takeout
Checking word counts
Getting just high enough on words
Reading about writing
But not writing about reading
Running until my head hurts
Watching the rain
Code switching
Writing brilliant personal things
Writing terrible fiction things
Writing things I think are terrible but are merely directionless
Remembering the over mitt drawer
In a kitchen not mine
Living inside my head
Thank you, Adilah.


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