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Dear Adilah—

It was so great to welcome the new year here at the Writer’s Well with Simchah.

I feel refreshed after a week of just writing, reading, and relaxing into my own rhythms.

I’ve been carrying some of these ideas around for months, just waiting for a stretch of time and space so I could concentrate long enough to commit them to paper.

Thank you for creating this place.

I hope it welcomes many more writers in the new year.

Yours truly,
Lidia Pork
From Colombia, Texas and L.A.!

Dearest Adilah, what can I say about creativity, about generosity, about abundance, about gratitude. I was so fortunate to have the ancestors and the LAWTF bring me to this paradise. The green, the calm, the positive vibrations at the Writer’s Well allowed me to really flourish as an emergent playwright. I feel the thread from Los Angeles to this haven. I performed my one woman show in Los Angeles and you were there with me through that entire process. It was only the second place I had ever performed professionally although you know I’ve been a lighting designer for over 40 years. Such a re-awakening and reconnection! You and I know one another since the good old days at Oakland Ensemble Theatre and look how far you’ve come.
With your support, I’ve been tremendously productive while in retreat. I finished my second play, booked it for a staged reading, and I have started my application for a playwrighting intensive at Berkeley Repertory Theatre this summer. We will look back and laugh at the plumber debacle over many years to come. Where I go, I will always bring you, speaking your praises and helping you to make connecions. Our successes are now entwined.
Gratefully yours,

Stephanie Anne L.
Berkeley, CA

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