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You have truly constructed a safe haven out here. The title of this very book is so fitting because this trip has been a place where I can “water my dreams, feed my imagination, and let hope blossom.” Some of my fondest memories include chasing after the ice cream truck, watching large raindrops fall from the sky in the meditation room (and me and Ariana’s battle with the rainbow colored by who wouldn’t die, lol.) Thank you for inviting me into this Atlanta “country” smelling peace. Your hospitality and delicious vegan cooking has made my trip quite enjoyable. “Walk in Balance” (I learn from the best!)

Yazmin Monet Watkins
LAWTF Summer Intern 2009

Dear Adilah My Friend Barnes,
You have truly been a supportive instrument in my life. I admire your spirit and motherly know how. It is truly a blessing to be in your presence, and I enjoy every time I’m around, whether it’s working for you or your parties. Since I met you you have truly gave me an insight on humbleness that I can truly appreciate. Your words of inspiration has truly changed my life and I want you to know that. Thanks for being there and always will remember you.

Atlanta, GA

Dearist Adilah,
Thank you for sharing a little bit of heaven with me (and all who come to the Writer’s Well.) Thank you for allowing us to quench our thirst for peace, tranquility, and love! For it is all here! And it is a reflection of the beautiful child of God that you are. Another could possess this property, but it would not be the same. May God continue to bless you with good health, peace, and prosperity. And remember collard greens are good, but you deserve the best organic!!!

Florence LeRue
Encino, CA

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