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Adilah and Jackie— thank you so much for your guidance, hospitality and support. As Jackie can verify, I’ve been overusing the word “perfect” during my stay. I feel rejuvenated by my time here and that’s exactly what I was in search of. Little did I know I’d also get to enjoy the nature preserve that is this neighborhood. This morning there were Turkey in the backyard! I’ve also seen more birds than I can count including a Flicker and Blue Birds the size of Robins. I know know where to come to find a comfortable and quiet home away from home— and just a short drive at that.
With great thanks and respect,

Carrie Overhiser
Decatur, GA

Dear Adilah,
I know that I came here to breathe, to release, and to heal. I thank you for creating and opening up this space to me. The community of people that I have come in contact with at The Writer’s Well have touched the deepest part of me. They are wise, they are creative, they are vulnerable, and they are warriors in their crafts… they are reflections of you.
I am humbled and appreciative of the time I’ve spent here. As I journey on I’ll breathe a lil’ deeper, I’ll walk a lil’ lighter, and I’ll listen. 
With love and gratitude,

Ash Tall

Dear Adilah:
Love what you’ve created here. A wonderful and beautiful space conducive for writing. The energy and positive anecdotes are very much appreciated as much as you are appreciated for your enthusiasm as well as your positive and practical guidance in writing. (Sorry for my free flowing run-on sentences!)
Thank you immensely for providing and encouraging my continued journey which needed a jump start! Now for the first time in my life I have fully grasped in setting aside large blocks of time with positive forethought in order to open the flood gates of being a channel or instrument in the wonderful career of writing.
Whether I’m writing a song, a story, an article or a poem, this experience has given me the practical use of our own laboratory and knowing or recognizing the proper environments and writing mentor(s) as I found in you as well as others.
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU <3

Pi Lee
Los Angeles

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