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Dear Adilah,
Thank you so much for your patience and kindness. The Writer’s Well was a very productive and motivating experience. Jackie was a wonderful host here while you were away. My time here will always be treasured in my heart.

Emily Christie
Cumming, GA

Aahhh… My “well” runneth over with inspiration, creativity, and accomplishment!! ☺ It has been one of most restorative weeks— exactly what I needed… serene surroundings, solitude, and an energy and host to make me feel totally at home.
Thank you ladies of the Writer’s Well for creating a beautiful, comfortable, warm home away from home.

Barbara Cole
Oceanside, CA

Timing is everything! Being in tune with the seasons of your life allows timing to fulfill its mandated destiny in your life. This was an appointed time of rest, of letting go and trusting that God had everything under control. This appointed time of rest ushered in peace that surpasses all understanding! Thank you Adilah for being a wonderful vessel of this divine time! I deeply and humbly appreciate you!

Tera Rená
New York

“Mi Amor” (My Love)
I found tremendous healing, solace, and creativity from the depths of the “Writer’s Well!” Each day we turned into the Divine Spirit of the “Angelic Messenger Cards,” I came closer to the alignment of mind, body, and soul. Doesn’t come easy for me. Thanks to your guidance and support and eminence as a writer and actor I am walking on the right path in my journey as a writer. My mission is to heal others but first, I must heal myself. I am very grateful for your company in Writer’s retreat-dorm and the serenity of the surrounding trees and water. Gracias…

Norma Burgos
Puerto Rico

An un Random Note of Gratitude! <3
“And of course our big prize tonight is a week’s retreat at The Writer’s Well outside of Atlanta, Georgia.” “BING!” Went my brain. “I don’t know what that is but I HAVE to have it!” Fortunately I had the good sense to buy ten raffle tickets at intermission. I had no idea what to expect and that was unsettling to me, but my stay here has provided the setting I needed.. I didn’t write a screenplay or a book, but I wrote. A LOT. I also soaked up the sounds, smells, textures, and breathtaking vistas as my feet pounded pavement and dirt running through Sharpsberg’s backwoods. Turns out I chased down some old family ghosts too, though I can’t help but wonder if it is them who have been chasing me down. These Georgia woods feel hauntingly familiar— like an old home… My gratitude to Adilah for this gift of the Writer’s Well and the sanctuary, peace, healing, and creative inspiration it has provided. Your insights, wisdom, and generous, strong spirit are so appreciated! Though I myself am quite decidedly unlinear in my approach and the fruits of my labor are perhaps intangible, rest assured seeds have been planted!
With Gratitude and Love,

Gana Bozeman
Santa Monica, CA

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